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Hi! I’m Samantha. I love to sew quilts and clothes for little kids & babies. My previous life in the military left me with an aesthetic hunger that I now fill with hand-printing fabric, hand-carving stamps, and sewing. Not that most of us have time for that. :)

Originally, I created this blog to showcase fabric, but quickly discovered that it’s not fun to restrain yourself when you have more you want to talk about.

In high school and especially during my years in the military I felt an ache to do something creative. I tried writing for many years but it did not totally satisfy my creative craving (Though I did enjoy making ‘zines during my riot grrrl phase when the internet was brand new). After I finished college and no longer spent my free time reading tomes on ancient history (not that there is much with work, a husband, and two little children), there was a hole that needed filled, and I fill it with (sometimes frustrating) attempts at sewing, and drooling over beautiful quilts and designer clothes.

Finally, my love for shopping lead me to fabric. Not too long after I bought my first machine, scoured the library, and began watching YouTube, which lead to blogs, which lead to Flickr! Recently, my husband & I decided to go into the fabric business, and we opened online in December 2012. We hope to open a brick and mortar shop after our online baptism by fire.

Happy sewing! I’m glad to have met such a kind community of remarkable talent and creativity.

x Samantha

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